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Windows CE 5.0 Monthly Update June 2011  v.5.0

Download this set of updates for Windows CE 5.

PlayPad Windows CE  v.1.12

Easy to use Windows CE (PPC) digital audio, music and mp3 player software. Create playlists, play music and listen to mp3s on a pocket pc or smartphone. This audio player is built light, simple and robust, and won't slow down your Windows CE device

Python Windows CE port  v.1.0

Python port for Windows CE (Pocket PC) devices. Intended to be as close to desktop version as possible (console, current directory support, testsuite

Windows CE Dynamic XML GUI  v.0.1.0

Dynamicly generated XML-described GUI remote control interface for Windows CE Written in visual C++. The interface may be used to send UDP control commands other software such as an LIRC daemon generate inferred commands for home entertainment

Ffmpeg windows ce porting  v.1.0

This is a porting of well known library ffmpeg for Windows CE devices

Classic FTP for Windows CE  v.1.06

Easy ftp client allows you to view, edit, upload, download and delete files.

PocketC for Windows CE  v.1.0

PocketC for WindowsCE is an easy-to-use development tool for WindowsCE-based devices. PocketC is available in two forms: a device-based compiler, and a desktop environment. The device-based compiler supports many versions of CE devices including

TaskMaster for Windows CE  v.2.0

TaskMaster is a free application management tool for Palm-size PCs and PocketPCs. It gives you complete control over your currently running applications through a small, powerful yet easy to use interface. TaskMaster replaces the show/hide desktop

Windows CE hardware buttons remapper  v.0.2

A simple program that redefines the function of PNA's hardware keys (tested only on ViaMichelin X950). It allows task switching, volume control, closing applications and showing soft keyboard

Cross compiler for Windows CE (PocketPC)  v.0.0.0

We merged with the CeGCC project : . Please look there

KOL-CE  v.2.80.3

KOL-CE - Key Objects Library CE is a set of objects to develop powerful (but compact) Windows CE/Pocket PC/Windows Mobile/Win32 GUI applications using Free Pascal. The library is based on KOL library by Vladimir Kladov

Windows Wi-Fi API  v.1.0

The API enables applications running on Windows XP Service Pack1 (SP1), Windows XP Service Pack2 (SP2) and Windows CE, to securely access Wi-Fi networks. The API consists of several MS modules, which include WZC API, WPS, NDIS and Windows Registry.

Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools  v.3.1.2809.0

Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools offers Silverlight developers the needed means of building Windows Embedded applications. The downoad contains the necessary files for getting and installing the needed components.

Startup Inspector for Windows  v.2.7

Startup Inspector for Windows is a Windows platform software that helps Windows user to manage Windows startup applications. On, there are more than 3,900 known programs in the database. Startup Inspector for Windows can thus

Wiimote Applications  v.1.0

Wiimote Applications utilizing the WiiYourself! 1.01a c++ library. To use these windows console applications, you should update your .net framework and your bluetooth drivers; else risk crashing application or

Win CE Advanced VNC Services  v.1.0

The Goal of this project is to create an advanced vnc services soloution for Windows CE .

Captive CE  v.1.0

Implements a framework for running Windows CE DLLs in an emulation environment (qemu). Primary focus is to implement support for binary only filesystem and network device drivers in a *nix environment.

EuVide - Windows IDE for Euphoria Apps  v.1.0.4

EuVide is an interactive environment for developing MS-Windows based applications using the Euphoria programming language. It incorporates various editors (text, visual layout, menu, etc) to simplify coding and testing programs that run under MS-Windows.

Visual Basic Runtime Files

Visual Basic Runtime Files is an excellent addition for programmers. It is actually a pack of runtime files required to run Microsoft Pocket Visual Basic applications on your Windows CE device. Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003/5/6Pocket PC

CeGCC - Cross development for Pocket PC  v.1399

CeGCC is a cross-development environment for creating Windows CE (Pocket PC) applications, from a Linux, Cygwin, or MacOS-X host

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